Lisa M Snyder

A Life Well Spent

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As a studier of people and money, I have a deep care for helping others understand the thinking and financial concepts that can bring them to the next level of their version of success. I approach both life and work from a logical perspective that wants to balance setting yourself up for a good life in the future with being able to live a good life today. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client take a step toward the future they previously didn’t even dare to dream about.



I have a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and an Associate’s degree in Church Leadership & Ministry. My family paid off $50,000 worth of student loans on a single non-profit salary with three kids (we were faithful and God showed off), and through the process I wrote the class “Walking on Water: A Course in Financial Wisdom & Radical Faith”, the devotional “21 Days for Generosity” and the book “Simple Generosity”. I have taught individuals and groups, as well as preached for 900 people.

Whether you know nothing about financial management or are already investing, as a financial coach I can help you improve your budget, see where there is space for growth, reprioritize your expenses to maximize what you have to bring to your next financial advisor meeting, and more.



Client Reviews

This class y’all!! I took this class a few months ago thinking, “I have a budget, but Lisa is smart and I can always learn something from other people.” After the first class I could tell she knew what she was talking about. From there I blew my budget up and revised it with the principles that Lisa showed me. Sign up and walk in the abundant life that is at your fingertips!
— MD
This was amazing and super motivating! [Lisa] walks you through making a budget, managing finances, fastest ways to pay off debt, side hustles, and so much more! Changed the way I view money forever.
— SR