It all started when…

Multiple people started asking the same questions. There’s a gap of knowledge when it comes to theology, finances, what is a “need”, and when is “enough”. As I get these questions, I’ll be answering them here. Some of these will be written answers, while others will be video - sometimes embedded from a live chat on facebook and sometimes recorded just for this.

Have a question? If it’s based on your individual situation, we’ll get a New Client Meeting set up to answer it. If it’s one that applies to many people (like “How do you tithe?”), I’ll get it answered here.


Answering the question: "HOW DO YOU TITHE?"

Someone posted that earlier this week, and I'm going to delve into some theology here.

Included is “What is 10%?”, “Is it based off of gross vs net income?”, “Why tithe post-New Testament grace?”, and “What is the purpose of it today?”.