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For Advisors,

I recognize that many of the people who want to work with you are not necessarily ready to work with you. It might not because they don’t have the resources, but rather that they are so stuck in their cycles that they aren’t able to see the ways in which they could manage their money that allows them to live a good life now while also having money to allocate toward investments. My role in working with clients is to equip them to manage a budget and begin to plan for the future, to start making steps forward and see what those potential steps are. Basically, my goal is to get them ready to work with you.

I do have advisors that I work with, but if a client comes to me from you, my goal is not to make them change advisors. However, if they ask for a referral or recommendation, I will give it to them (whether that be for life insurance, new car/home/umbrella insurance quotes, etc).

If you have any questions, please email me at as I would love to take a moment to answer them and possibly set up a phone/video call so that we can meet.

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