Topics include:

  • Creating and Maximizing Your Budget

  • Debt Solutions

  • Organizing Your Paperwork and Finances

  • Preparing for a Home Purchase

  • Developing Your Goals and Strategies

  • Planning and Executing with Your Spouse or Significant Other

  • Understanding Multiple Streams of Income

Whether you are looking for a group class or one-on-one coaching, my role is to help you develop your “why”, see (and fill) gaps in your financial knowledge that may be holding you back, put together an action plan, and provide support and accountability as you begin to move toward your goals. You might already have a budget in place, and that’s great! I will help you take what you have and maximize it as you build toward your future. On the other hand, you might be struggling with basic financial literacy. I will meet you where you are at and equip you to take the next steps - whether that means helping you prep for your first financial advisor meeting, creating a plan to help you pay off debt, or be an accountability partner for you and your finances.

New Client Meeting

Before getting started, let’s see if it makes sense to work together! Every potential new clients starts with a free 25-minute phone consultation that will give you at least one tool, step, or idea to consider.

Once we know it’s a good fit, the next step is the New Client Meeting. Once scheduled, you will receive an email of items you can prepare for our meeting in order to make this the most beneficial use of your time. We will discuss overarching financial and life goals, as well as get a clear idea of where you currently are along with next steps to get you moving in the direction of where you want to be.

New Client Meetings are 75 minutes in length and cost $100.

To schedule your New Client Meeting, Click Here.

Subscription Financial Coaching

Two things I’ve learned over the years is that making a change in how you handle finances takes time and that getting quality help is important regardless of your income. For that reason, my primary way of working with clients is a subscription financial coaching model. With this, you’ll be able to contact me via email at any time, as well as set up calls (phone or video) as you need more in-depth help. You’ll be given the tools you need, great resources, and the accountability and coaching you are looking for each step of the way.

The monthly fee for this coaching is 1.5% of your monthly income with a $20/month minimum.

Lisa will send you the registration/payment info once you’ve had your New Client Meeting. To schedule a meeting as a coaching member, Click Here.

Hourly Financial Coaching

If you are looking for coaching by the hour as you need it, this is for you. Coaching will start with the New Client Meeting then move into the hourly rate. This will allow you to get direction as you are looking for it. We will look at where you are and where you want to go, and you will leave this meeting with next steps for you to begin taking.

Semiannual or annual meetings are recommended for this.

Hourly Financial Coaching meetings are 60 minutes in length and cost $75/hour.

If you’ve had a New Client Meeting with Lisa and want to schedule a coaching session, Click Here.