Books & Tools

I've written a couple books and a devotional, as well as put together a few tools to help people with their budgets and long-term goals. There's information below - some have links for purchase, others have links for the downloads. I hope they help you on your journey.

**10% of all book sales is donated to Hope International**

Book: Simple Generosity

Growing in generosity is less about making ourselves become generous and more about keeping our eyes focused on Jesus. When we understand the character and heart of God as it relates to our money, all the other pieces become so much easier. A book of theology, a conversation about grace, and the beginning of a movement of generosity in your life. 

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Free: 21-Day DEvotional

Generosity is a journey, and it's a journey best done in relationship with God. Throughout this 21-day devotional, we'll look at many verses that will not only empower your giving, but will empower you to dream bigger, pray harder, and hope more as you understand grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

Book: I Think, Therefore: My Home

Before I taught about finances, I helped people organize their homes. What might seem like a one-size-fits-all skill, is actually a study in getting to know yourself and how you and your family can best thrive. If you have a desire to do something great, start by taking control of your thinking, your home, and your life.