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It Used to Scare Me

"It used to scare me."

I think that about rain. I would hear that it was coming, and any rain - any - brought the potential of storms and heartbreak. I was terrified well longer than needed, but I simply didn't understand.

As a kid, I didn't understand what was real danger versus what felt dangerous. Afraid I wouldn't know the difference, it was easier to fear it all.

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It's All About "Five"

When 5 rules your day, you might as well write about it. 

It's 5 days 'til my financial class online.

The class is 5 weeks long (identifying your thinking, building a workable and adjustable budget, creating a plan to get out of debt, growing into the "why" God has for you, and creating multiple streams of income to support to the future we're building). 

The 5 people closest to you determine…

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