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It Used to Scare Me

"It used to scare me."

I think that about rain. I would hear that it was coming, and any rain - any - brought the potential of storms and heartbreak. I was terrified well longer than needed, but I simply didn't understand.

As a kid, I didn't understand what was real danger versus what felt dangerous. Afraid I wouldn't know the difference, it was easier to fear it all.

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Short-Term Opps, Long-Term Goals

I was watching one of those home-shows on HGTV (y'all, it gets me through my workouts at the gym) and a couple were arguing about which house they wanted. The husband was talking about the future and what their needs were going to be while the wife literally said "I don't care about the future! I'm living right NOW!" And then I punched the treadmill... 

Ok, that was a lie. 

I did groan, though, as I watched them choose a house that would not work for them the moment they had their first kid (which was in their near-future plans). Yes, they can make their own decisions. Yes, it might have been the best decision for them. But gosh, if you're going to choose a short-term game...

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