Unbalanced and Broken

I didn't write once in July, and I felt it. My goals were work related, but I hadn't created space in the midst of those goals for writing. 

[wait... scratch that. I care very little about writing from a technical standpoint]

I hadn't created space in the midst of these goals for my heart. 

When I am engaged in work with my heart, writing and speaking and reading and more writing happens. When I don't write, something is out of balance and something is broken. But let's be clear: Unbalanced does not mean broken. Unbalanced in the best way means movement and progress (every physical step we take in life is an unbalanced act of falling). Unbalanced in the worst way means that we are not actively engaged in the right direction and we are on the verge of falling. 

So today, I am going from "unbalanced and broken" to "unbalanced with momentum". 

Which way are you currently too balanced? unbalanced? engaged? disengaged? And what can you do to make the adjustment toward momentum in your life? 

For Generosity,