Reflect but Don't Swerve

I don't often see myself as a particularly inspiring or confident person.

[for the record, I am not looking for validation]

Much of this is because the people I admire inspire me and seem so confident. And with each step I take, I find greater people to admire - people not so far ahead I cannot see the similarities but far enough that I am pushed day to day to be better than I was.

And that is why it is important to sit and reflect and - for a brief moment - look in the review mirror; to glance behind you to see how far you've come but not staring too long that you begin to swerve away from your goal.

[swerving away from the goal would not necessarily be wrong, but if you stay turned that way for too long you'll eventually circle back to where you started. ugh]

So where do I go from here? I focus on a mix of moving in the right direction and - when I'm not 100% confident in the right direction - not moving in the wrong direction.

Faith? Right direction.

Self-doubt? Wrong direction.

In they end, the right thing propels me forward like a fishhook in my sternum.


But knowing what I am NOT going to do puts little bumps on the edges of the road that make that obnoxious noise - the moment before the guardrail and no real damage is done.

Anyway, all of that to say, you might not see yourself as particularly inspiring or confident. But you choosing to take a step in the right direction (or maybe just away from the wrong direction) is confident. And to someone else who is trying to figure out how to take the right/not take the wrong step, they see that little moment of confidence to be very inspiring.

Lisa Snyder