Four Quarters

I posted a pic of my son holding four quarters he is bringing to church for his offering. I was proud. I am proud. 

The conversation has since devolved. 

"I have four quarters for my offering today." 
"I have three quarters for my offering and one quarter for candy today." 
"I have my one quarter in my pocket for my offering and my other pockets has my quarters for candy." 
"Mom, how much candy do you think four quarters can buy?" 

All I can do is laugh internally and have an honest conversation. I took a note from Paul (2 Cor 9) and told him that when we decide to be generous, that we need to guard our hearts to follow through out that generosity. It isn't generous to say you "will give at some point". Generosity is a specific act of letting go what's yours (Joshua's quarters) in the right timing (tonight) in the right direction (church). He had already decided in his heart it was what he needed to do, but the coins in his hands became a temptation. Now today's lesson is follow-through. 

I'm sure you've been given a chance to give recently. Did you do it quickly? Because that's my recommendation. When God lays out a step of faith before you, don't stare at the step too long. Looking at it and talking about it are NOT the same as taking it. Rather, inhale deeply, and act. 

Update: My son took our conversation to heart in the most awesome way. He did decide to give what had previously been in his heart AND he brought extra quarters to church for candy. I guess that's one thing I forgot to teach him that he figured out himself - if you want to give more and have more, then make more or find more. He's going to be a great philanthropic entrepreneur. 

For Generosity,