What's Written on My Hand...

"Ps1611"... Because I didn't have space for "You [God] make known to me the path of life." 

I was reading an interesting book (and by "reading" I mean "strategically skimmed 1/3 of the chapters", but I digress), and that verse was in there. The rest of the chapter was one I didn't need, but that one verse was one that grabbed me. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life. It's a combination of a brain that never stops and a personality that doesn't pull punches. It's not that I don't have goals or direction or action steps I am consistently taking. It's that I hate the idea of waking up in 10 years (heck, 3 months even!) only to realize that I missed *that* life - you know... the one you dream of and hope for and [hopefully] work toward. I fully recognize it'd be a whole lot easier to stop hoping. But. I can't. I am the girl with big dreams who is just naive enough to run after them. 

And that's why this verse hit me. In the midst of trying to run after everything all.the.time. I found it so reassuring to remember that I'm not going to miss it. It's not hidden and secretive or this elusive thing that only the most observant people will be able to see. I won't miss it if I run too fast or fall behind if I walk too slow. Nah. That's just my human fears coming out, thinking that my imperfection would be able to stop God's plans. 

How silly. 

This verse, though. God (the one in control) makes known (like "do you SEE what I did there?) to me (and you) the path (it's visible and has been at-least-partially-cleared) of life (not of stress, death, or any other negative idea you can stick in that space; LIFE). 

Walk or run, skip or crawl. Take a breather or sprint. Whatever mode you're traveling, keep your eyes focused on God and trust that He's already figured out the path. 

For Generosity,