Everyone WANTS to be Generous

Ask "What would you do if you won the lottery?" and generosity shows up. 

Buy your parents a house, pay off a friend's debt, donate to that one charity... Everyone WANTS to be generous. 

So why aren't they? 

It's not because they don't want to, don't value it, don't see the point... It's rarely that they have extra money and just want to hoard it away. Most often, it's that they don't have margin. Three couples I've talked to in the last few months make upwards of $80,000, have one kid (or none!), live in an average home, and can't figure out how to afford groceries without their credit card. 

They simply don't have skills to find the margin in their blessings. Yes, there is faith, but there's also wisdom. In the book of Matthew, Jesus talked about the talents and the master (God) giving more to the person who had used their's well. If you want the ability to have more and GIVE MORE, use what you currently have WELL. Have the faith to take the steps to learn the skills. I bet as you do, God will move in your heart to be and become more generous, but it will be by you taking a step of faith and Him showing you what He (and you) are capable of as you partner in your finances. 

For Generosity,