Being the Middleman

I love being the generosity middle man. Recently, someone handed me some cash intended for another person. Now, if you've ever attempted to give money, you know that it can be uncomfortable. Depending on how they respond or what situation they might be in, there are many factors that can come into play. 

And so - even thought the money wasn't mine and I didn't even know the person I was handing it to - I got to play a part. I got to walk up to a woman I didn't know, hand her some money on behalf of "someone", and take a moment to pray for her when she started to open up about her situation. 

These moments don't happen all that often... except that they happen all the time. We are the middleman with every single dollar that comes into our lives. Every dollar that comes in comes from God, and our job is to keep a hand up to Him and a hand out to wherever it's meant to go, and just do our best to care for the people we are coming into contact with in the meantime. And with that, the joy that you get when you get to be a part of a bigger story is the same joy that we get to walk through the rest of our lives with. 

For Generosity,