Short-Term Opps, Long-Term Goals

I was watching one of those home-shows on HGTV (y'all, it gets me through my workouts at the gym) and a couple were arguing about which house they wanted. The husband was talking about the future and what their needs were going to be while the wife literally said "I don't care about the future! I'm living right NOW!" And then I punched the treadmill...

Ok, that was a lie.

I did groan, though, as I watched them choose a house that would not work for them the moment they had their first kid (which was in their near-future plans). Yes, they can make their own decisions. Yes, it might have been the best decision for them. But gosh, if you're going to choose a short-term game, be very aware of your long-term plan so you can pivot incredibly well going into your future.

Knowing what their long-term goal was, purchasing that house may or may not have been a good idea. THAT'S NOT THE POINT! The point was that they had NO IDEA if that purchase was a good or bad idea long-term because they weren't weighing their current decision based on the future they had previously been dreaming of. Their short-term and long-term goals were separated from one another by the magic of a commercial break.

Not everything is super clear in life. Sometimes there's a cut-and-dry (what a strange saying) "This is the right thing." Other times, though, it's murky and either option could be good. Look at what the cost is, the opportunity, and opportunity cost. Yes, all of those.

Cost = what is this going to cost you? (time, money, etc)
Opportunity = what is that cost going to get you?
Opportunity cost = by saying "yes" to this opportunity, what are you saying "no" to? (mostly because you won't have the time/money to devote to something else)

Whether it's a major purchase, a commitment that requires time-input, or any other number of things, don't let your long-term goals cut your short-term opportunities out from under you BUT as you're looking at your short-term opportunities, don't forget why you started taking steps in the first time.

For Generosity,